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Chronic Illness Spooky Spoonie Sticker

Chronic Illness Spooky Spoonie Sticker

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This Spooky Spoonie sticker was inspired by Christine Miserandino's Spoon Theory and is the perfect little gift or reminder for yourself or another spoonie.

Featuring a skeleton holding a spoon, tucked up in bed, it represents the idea of chronic pain warriors being stuck in a bed feeling like absolute death whilst holding onto that last remaining spoon. Share this design with the world by sticking it on your daily essentials, or keep it as a reminder to yourself that you are a true warrior for fighting your body every single day, either way it's sure to put a smile on yours or someone else's face!

• Gloss Vinyl
• Kiss Cut
• Approx 80mm.

Designed by @deadinsidedesign exclusively for my brand only 🖤

All of my stickers are packaged inside a paper bag and shipped inside a cardboard backed envelope for extra protection. 

*Your order should arrive within 3-5 UK working days from the date you receive your despatch notification*

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